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Cavalleria rusticana / Aleko - Opera North

15 Feb 2024

Cavalleria rusticana
/ Aleko
Mascagni / Rachmaninov
15 February - 22 March 2024

Enjoy twice the thrill with this red-blooded double bill. 

Satriya sings in chorus

Known as the opera that invented the mafia, Cavalleria rusticana tells the tale of a soldier who returns from war to find his lover has married. He takes revenge by seducing another woman, even though his obsessive desire for his first love simmers. This powder keg of passion is primed to ignite in the midst of a small community that lives under the strict eye of the church.   

After the interval, Aleko finds his lover in the arms of a younger man, sparking red-hot jealousy… 

This high-octane double bill double bill contains some of opera’s most beautiful music, from Rachmaninov’s potent melodies to the famous Intermezzo featured in The Godfather Part III


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