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Cosi fan Tutte ( Ferrando cover)

2 Feb 2024

Opera North

Così fan tutte

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2 February - 6 April 2024

Satriya sings in chorus and covering role of Ferrando

Mischief and misunderstandings are everywhere in this comic game of love. 

Meet the cunning Don Alfonso, a mastermind with a game to play. Determined to prove that love isn’t all it seems, especially for our two young couples, he challenges the men to a bet – a mission that will test the faithfulness of their fiancées. With the challenge accepted, the stage is set for a light-hearted romantic comedy filled with disguises, seduction, and surprises.

Witty, romantic, and always a delight, Tim Albery‘s smash-hit production will whisk you away to the 18th Century, complete with lavish costumes and the sheer beauty of Mozart’s music.


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